Sunday, January 16, 2011

Settled in Laredo, Texas for a couple of days

Wow, we are tired. We stopped at an ok RV park in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We were able to pick up some medication that Aaron had mailed to us general delivery there. We were going to stop at Balmorhea State Park in Texas but it was definitely too cold to swim so we figured we wouldn't stop there. The Texas state parks are kind of expensive because they charge you for camping and also a daily "admission" fee to the park (per person even !). Anyway, we went on to an RV park in Fort Stockton which was very nice and handy off of the freeway.

Yesterday was very exciting. We were trying to go to a RV park next to the Frio river in Concan, TX. Somehow the GPS couldn't figure out where the park was....and it was raining...and we missed the turn and ended up on some road that went right though the river ...NOT for us ! So we ended up driving all of the way into Uvalde. I had absolutely no internet service at all. Apparently there are no Verizon phones in that area. So we didn't know where to find an RV park. Tell me that God isn't watching over us. We pulled over into a parking lot and I found an unsecured wireless connection. I was able to find one RV park close by. When we got there, they had exactly one space left because someone had called to say that they wouldn't be in last night. Thank the good Lord !

We woke up this morning and we had no hot water. We had to take off because we were only able to get one night at the park in Uvalde. So today we drove on to Laredo and found the state park where we had planned to stay the night. It is a lovely place right on a small lake (Lake Casa Blanca State Park). We have a view of the lake. The weather has cleared up and is supposed to be beautiful for the next week or so.

We discovered that the hot water heater had a bypass valve that had gotten turned off somehow. When we finally got that switched back around we had hot water !! So we don't have to go get things fixed tomorrow.

I believe that we just hang out and take it easy tomorrow.

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