Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lazy, lazy

We did 4 loads of wash and just fiddled around yesterday. The weather was beautiful. This is a funny little old mobile home and rv park but everybody is so nice ! One of our neighbors brought over an armful of grapefruit from his tree. The people in the mobile home to the west of us have a daughter living just a few blocks from us in Sandy. It's funny how small the world is.

We are going out to Port Isabel today to check the place out and maybe find some fresh seafood. We had mango with our dinner last night. Yum. We'll have to see if we can spot a roadside vegetable stand to see what we can find.

I think that we have decided to stay another 3 days through Sunday. We are comfortable here and the weather is supposed to turn a little colder so being a little further inland and south might be better. Also, the truth is...the NFL playoffs are on Sunday and I don't want to have to run the generator for 7 hours to watch both games. Yep, really...that's why.

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