Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sorry...goofing off

Me at the pool

You can tell the dog is wondering where his plate is.

Sorry I forgot to post anything for a few days. We spent Thanksgiving quietly. We went to see Burlesque ... which was pretty racy but really good. (Donnie liked it a lot !... :-) but I did too). Then we cooked our little Cornish game hen and sweet potato for dinner and finished with pumpkin pie.

Yesterday we did some shopping... not door busting like usual but a more leisurely experience. We've been doing some general maintenance around the place and just enjoying the beautiful weather. It's been unseasonably cool but still seems really nice to us.

It was warm enough today for me to go swimming and lay out in the sun for awhile. Then we watched the Utah - BYU football game which was a nail biter at the end. We have decided to just stay here in Yuma for another week. We really like the weather here and it's not nearly as big as the Phoenix area. There are a few things in the area we are thinking of doing next week.

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