Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oceanside and beach

We are enjoying our time around Oceanside. We walked out by the pier yesterday and drove around to see how much was left from our past. We found the apartment building that my parents and I were living in when we met and the church but the skating rink has been torn down. The last time we were here about 7 years ago the skating rink (where we went on our first date) was still there but it was closed and they were getting ready to tear it down.

We drove by the part of San Onofre beach where Donnie used to go on maneuvers and guess what.. they were doing maneuvers. Don't think Donnie cares to relive that part ! We are down at the beach now where I can get internet. It's an absolutely beautiful day. Off to church tomorrow and then depart on Monday for Salton Sea.

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