Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Castle Dome Ghost Town

We had a lovely day. First we went to Castle Dome Ghost Town and Mining Museum. It was a very pretty day. The ghost town and museum were very interesting. They had some great old buildings including the hotel, church, school and various other buildings. There was a lot of old furniture and mining equipment. It was all very well kept because of the very dry climate here. It was interesting to see how they found silver relatively near the surface. Most of the mines were at most 150 feet deep. However, it took a lot of the ore rock to get a little bit of silver.

We then drove on the Quartzsite where we had heard 250,000 RV park on the BLM land in the area every winter. There was not much of a town and it didn't seem like our kind of place.

I finished the day off with a swim. I love their very warm pool and hot tub.

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