Saturday, October 16, 2010

Outside of Stockton, CA

We had a great time at Boomtown Casino & RV park outside of Reno. They had an all-you-can-eat Maine Lobster buffet. Our idea of heaven. We managed to plow our way thru 5 total lobsters (2 1/2 each). Yum, yum. The RV park sits down below the highway and the huge casino area so it was nice and quiet.

The drive over Donner Pass and the Sierra Nevadas was very pretty. I had forgotten how beautiful that drive is. We are now in a KOA near Lodi, California. My mother's family lived in the San Joaquin valley in several different towns in the area. It is definitely bringing back memories of visiting my grandmother and uncle in the area. I didn't realize then how warm the climate is here. There are palm trees and vineyards and eucalyptus trees. Nice area.

Off to Yosemite tomorrow. The weather is supposed to change and get much colder tomorrow and Monday. Hope it isn't too bad.

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