Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hearst Castle

Dining room

Front of the castle. Looks like a church

View from one of the patios

Indoor pool... picture really doesn't do it justice

View from the 5 mile road up to the castle.

Wow, it is amazing what you can do with a ton of money and a dream. William Randolph Hearst went on an 18 month tour of Europe when he was a boy and then recreated much of what he saw on the top of a hill in California. It is simply amazing how beautiful and huge the place is. We took the handicapped accessible tour which was fabulous because there were only 4 of us. It was like having a private tour. We were driven around in a golf cart for much of the tour and they stayed away from almost all stairs. We only got to see the main floor of Casa Grande (the main part of the castle) but it was still amazing. Definitely worth visiting.

Off toward New Brighton Beach near Santa Cruz tomorrow.

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