Thursday, April 15, 2010



The Natchez Trace

Tishomingo Lake & State park

We are settled in Nashville. Donnie was able to slap my camera around and got it fixed for the moment. We stay in a nice state park next to a little lake last night. The Trace was nice today. I don't think that the upper part of the Trace is as pretty as the lower Mississippi part but it was still nice. We did see several wild turkeys today and lots of beautiful dogwood and redbud trees.

We went to a country music show at the KOA tonight. It was great fun. There was the usual guy singing and playing and he was very good. There was also a girl visiting her great aunt and uncle who are staying at the park. She is playing in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand during the Country Music Award festivities on Sunday. She sang a few songs also and she was very good.

I love Nashville. Every little restaurant and bar everywhere has live music. We are just down the street from the Opryland Hotel and the new Grand Old Opry. We did the Opry and The Hermitage last year so this year we are going on a tour of downtown. I'll let you know how that goes !

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