Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last day in Nashville

Flowers at Opryland Hotel

We went to an enormous church this morning. They have 6500 members and like 4 acres of buildings. It was kind of fun for a change but not my cup of tea.

We did laundry and cleaned the trailer. Then we went over to the Opryland Hotel. It is unbelievable. There are 3 huge atriums with all sorts of plants, trees and waterfalls. There is a "river" that runs thru it too with a boat that you can ride on. It sort of reminded of me of a bigger Disneyland hotel. Amazing !

Then we went over to the Nashville Palace where they have live country music every night. We had a little snack there (portabello mushroom fries... yum) and listened to some music.

Tomorrow we leave for Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. We are starting to head for home. It is 1852 miles the way that we are going. We should be home around May 1.

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