Thursday, April 22, 2010

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Donnie in the press box

Older Indy winner cars in the museum

Us on the interview platform

Donnie on the finish line (note the remaining bricks from the original racetrack built in 1909)

The straight away to the finish line. Pagoda on the left is
We had a super time today at the Indianapolis Speedway. There is a big museum there with a bunch of the Indy cars as well as other old race cars. There is also a grounds tour that takes you out on the racetrack itself, into where the press and race official are, and into the garage area. It was a fabulous tour. We were very lucky because they only had grounds tour the first week of April (spring break?) and today and tomorrow. If our timing had been off we wouldn't have been able to take it.

I had no idea that the race trace was so big. The infield is about 253 acres.... huge. The museum itself which is quite large is on the infield. Donnie was in big boy heaven and really enjoyed the experience. He put it up there with "my" shuttle launch "-)

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