Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Harold Warp's Pioneer Village

Travel trailer from 1937

Covered wagons and Model A Fords

Old machine to do permanents. Yikes !

Old Steam carousel

Old streetcars

We made it to Minden, Nebraska today in spite of quite windy conditions. We just slowed down to 55 mph and kept on coming.

This place is amazing. Harold Warp was raised in a sod house as the youngest of twelve children of parents who migrated from Norway in 1873. He was born in 1903 and orphaned at age 11. In 1924, he and 2 brothers went to Chicago and made a fortune in plastics. He was so interested in all of the inventions and changes in the lives of the America people that he started this museum. It contains all sorts of things but mostly changes in transportation with 300 old autos, old farm equipment, streetcars and trains. There are also changes in modern appliances that changed the lives of women and then various collections of all sorts. There was one building with examples of livingrooms, bedrooms and kitchen from several different time periods. Donnie & I recognized the examples from 1950 :-)

I think if the weather is not too bad we will go ahead and try to drive on toward home tomorrow. It looks like we will be hitting very cold temperatures soon. Hopefully, not too much snow! Note to self: go back home on I-10 next year and don't go home so early !

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