Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love everything Cajun !

We love Cajun music, Cajun food, and the lovely, friendly Cajun people. What a fabulous time we are having here. We went to Fred's Lounge in Mamou, Louisiana this morning. They have live music from 9 am to noon on Saturday morning. I have no idea why the time is so early. The place was absolutely packed. You could barely get in the door. I'm going to attach a video of the band. Unfortunately, I'm still not very good with the video function so I didn't get the dancers (although there wasn't room to swing a cat in the place).

Then we went into Eunice where I had an oyster PoBoy sandwich and Donnie had crawfish etouffee for lunch. We went to the Acadian culture center where they had music performances and Cajun cooking demonstrations. We got $5 tickets for the music show at the Liberty Theatre there in Eunice. The theatre was built in 1923 and was neat on the inside. The band was a family band and a bunch of the audience got up and danced the two step and the waltz to the music. It was great.

Now we are gearing up for church tomorrow morning and then back to Eunice for the Crawfish Etouffee Cookoff Festival. There is supposed to be lots of music and food.

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