Monday, March 22, 2010

Goodbye, Padre

Well, it was a fabulous time even with the kind of iffy weather part of the time. Of course, it was a perfect day when we got up this morning but even tho it was hard to leave away we went. We went toward Port Aransas to take the ferry across to Aransas Pass but the tide was so low that they weren't letting RV on the ferry. So... we had to go all the way back to bridge back over toward Corpus Christi. That added an hour to our driving time but we still were settled in an RV park south of Houston by 3:30.

We passed lots of nice farmland with plants just starting to come up (looked like corn maybe). Also, we saw some boats that we think were shrimp boats. It looked like they were doing a dance out on the bay but I think that they were harvesting shrimp. There were lots of nice wildflowers along the way also.

Although, I must say that there were some pretty scary looking places along the road also. I think that when things get built they never tear them down. They just kind of let them fall over. But all in all, still a lovely day. Off toward western Louisiana tomorrow. They have some great state parks that we are excited to try out.

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