Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fried Alligator and Mustard Greens on the Lunch menu


Yellow Jessamina (Jasmine)

Louisiana cemetary

Rice/Crawfish field

Well, we didn't have any but the little restaurant where we ate lunch had fried alligator and mustard greens on the menu. They were actually out of mustard greens by the time we got there. We went into a little town called Eunice today to check out the Acadian Cultural Center. The Cultural Center is actual a National Historic Site and was very interesting. We will be going back into Eunice on Saturday to take in some Cajun music and food demonstrations. Saturday evening we will stay for the Rendez-Vous Des Cajuns which is a live radio show at the Liberty Theatre in Eunice. Then after church on Sunday we will have to come back over to Eunice for the Crawfish Etouffee World Champion cook-off.

What a fun area this is. It is almost like being in a foreign country. We met the cutest little lady in the Cajun Music Hall of Fame in Eunice. She had a great Cajun accent. We found out about the interesting farm fields that they have in the area. They grow a lot of rice. They have rice paddies all set up. We saw them seeding them with airplanes today. They also use the same area for raising crawfish. Apparently, the crawfish dig down into the mud for the summer and then when they flood the old rice paddies with water in the early spring the crawfish come out of the mud. They have things like crab pots or lobster traps out in their fields to catch the crawfish.

Anyway, at the little restaurant, Donnie had these big fried shrimp and I had "chicken stew" which was a delicious slow cooked chicken which gravy over rice, with coleslaw, lima beans, salad, sweet tea and cake for $6.41. It was so good.

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