Friday, February 5, 2010

Relatives etc

Nieces house

We were so lucky in Organ Pipe because it sprinkled a little rain. It was enough to make the make the ocotillo cactus leaf out and bloom. I didn't get any good pictures of the blooms but I did of the leaves. These cactus look like a bunch of dead stick most of the time but after a rain will come alive. Then as soon as it dries out, all of the leaves and blooms fall off.

We are very comfortable settled at my nieces. They have about 4 acres or so and full hookups for our trailer. The only downside is that my internet doesn't work very well at all at their house. I have to wait to come into town to be able to get internet.

Yesterday we went up to Surprise, Arizona to where Donnie's sister, nieces, great-niece and great, great niece live. It was really great to see the great niece. We hadn't seen her in years. She had just had a baby so we got to see her also. Nice visit.

We will be at my nieces place until next Thursday. Then my niece, her husband, dog and two horses and us may go to the Tucson area for the President Day weekend. They have a place at the state campground for the horses so they like to go there. Donnie and I camped there last year. Then we will head for Donnie's brothers place outside of San Antonio. It has been so rainy and cool along the gulf coast that we will probably hang out there for awhile hoping for a warm up.

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