Monday, February 15, 2010

Last day in Tucson

Niece & I & the horses

The lung of the biosphere

The inside of the biosphere.

The rainforest

We saw my niece and crew off toward home. We then went over to see Biosphere 2. It's hard to explain this place. At one time, it was a closed environment with everything in it recycled and 8 people that lived inside of it taking care of it. They grew their own food and the buildings and plants etc in them created oxygen and water etc. The thing even has two lungs for when the air inside the buildings get hot and expands. The air then goes into the lungs and then as the air cools later in the day, the air goes back into the buildings.

It was very interesting. Now they used the buildings and biomes to do science experiments in a controlled environment. It was kind of expensive to get in but it was very interesting to see. I liked the rain forest the best.

Off to Las Cruces, New Mexico tomorrow.

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