Friday, February 26, 2010

Gonzales, Texas

Houston House 1895

Eggleston House 1845

County Courthouse

Donnie in the jail

Old jail building

I swam laps this morning. In the afternoon we went to Gonzales, Texas. It had several interesting thing in it. We went to a really fancy antique store where we couldn't afford much :-). Then we went to this amazing store that had old doors, windows, pillars, tiles, lights, doorknobs and all sorts of stuff to refurbish old historical homes. It was amazing. We went over to the old Gonzales jail which was the strangest jail we had ever seen. The cells were organized in the middle of this open area so that even if they managed to get out of the cell they would be two stories above any floor. There was also a gallows inside of the jail. It would have been enough to have kept me from breaking any laws.

All around the town are all of these beautifully restored homes circa 1869 - 1913 which was the boom time of the cotton kings and cattle barons. The rest of the town seems kind of frozen in time with current businesses in old, old storefronts. Very interesting.

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