Thursday, January 28, 2010

Downtown Yuma

Went downtown and wandered thru some of the shops in the older part of Yuma. Most of the town washed away in a terrible flood of the Colorado River in 1916 but there were still some nice older buildings.

It's unbelievable how many snowbirds there are down here. I've never seen so many RVs in my life. All of the RV parks are full, there are lots of mobile home parks, and every bare piece of ground where it's legal to stay is full of RVs. Amazing ! I heard somebody say that there are 200,000 rvs at Quartzside (which we decided to avoid) but I can't hardly imagine. They are all parked on BLM land there where you can stay for extended periods of time for very cheap.

We tried to find the BLM land that we were thinking of staying on today. But turned back when we hit dirt road. Just as well that we abandoned that idea !

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