Sunday, January 31, 2010

Church and getting ready to go

Us in with the Big kids

The RV park with the mountains in the background from the canal walking path.

Another beautiful day. We went to a great church this morning. It was quite large. They have 3 Sunday morning services (with traffic control !!). It is so exciting to go to a different church each Sunday. All different ... yet we feel so at home.

We really feel like the little, poor relatives in this park. There are so many HUGE rigs in here.

Donnie went for a walk up on the canal path with me. It was so warm I thought we might have to turn a fan on or something. But we just opened all of the vents, windows and the door. Lovely.

Off to Organ Pipe Cactus National Park tomorrow. We will probably stay there for a couple of days and then off to the Phoenix area to see Donnie's sister, niece and great-niece. We will be staying at my niece's place cuz she has several acres of property where we can park the trailer. She's got horses too... so maybe I'll get to ride !

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