Monday, June 22, 2009

Blew the transmission...

We had a lovely day in Badlands National Park yesterday. We saw big horn sheep, antelope, rabbits, eagles, burrowing owls, and prairie dogs. I sat out in my lawn chair and listened to the meadowlarks singing around the campground.
But then.... we when tried to pull out this morning, the truck completely quit going. It was running but we couldn't go anywhere. We were stuck in the middle of the road in the Ntl Park. We had to have the trailer towed to a campground outside of the park where we could get hookups and then the truck was towed into Rapid City about 70 miles away. The transmission place here was in contact with the transmission place in SLC and it looks like the whole thing will be covered by the warranty. Thank God ! However, we aren't sure how long this will take or how far off schedule it will throw us. We were going to stay in Custer for 2 days anyway so hopefully it won't be more than 4 days or so before we can get back on the road.

Also, I'm going to be turning in the computer that I bought in Niagara, New York when my other PC had problems. So, this will probably be my last blog until we get home unless I can bum a connection from somebody along the way.

It must be time to go home....everything is wearing out !

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