Friday, May 22, 2009

Catskills, Rip Van Winkle Bridge

Our rig in the campground outside of NYC.

We were going to go to Thomas Edison National Historical Site today. But when I looked on the NPS website, I discovered that the laboratory was closed and only the house was open. I really wanted to see the lab where he invented the light bulb, phonograph, radio etc. Bummer. So instead we went up the Hudson River valley again to the Martin Van Buren house. If we can hit the Adams Ntl Historical site in Boston we will have been to the first 8 president's homes.

It was kind of a long drive but interesting. We went by turn offs to ski resort which was hard to imagine on these little hills. We went thru the Catskills Mountains but they are really just rolling hills. We got to cross Rip Van Winkle bridge into Catskill, NY. Everything there is named Rip Van Winkle something. I guess that their is some talk that Washington Irving wrote the Legend of Sleepy Hollow while staying at Martin Van Buren's house.

We tried to find Woodstock but the GPS led us astray and it was getting late so we just came home. I'm not sure what we will do tomorrow. After church on Sunday, I think that we will go to Westpoint. They are having graduation there tomorrow so we will try to stay out of the middle of that.

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