Saturday, May 2, 2009

Air & Space, Art Again

We got an early start today and we didn't have to try to beat the rush hour subway riders so we got to really wear ourselves out. The Air & Space Museum was amazing as always. Aaron always like to stop by the simulator where you try to land an airplane on an aircraft carrier (unbelievably difficult). We saw the airplane that the Wright Brothers used for their first flight and the Spirit of St Louis that made the first transatlantic flight. They have a lot of information on the history of flight. It was interesting how they had the theory for how to fly much earlier than they could actually build a machine that would do it. As we were getting ready to leave, I saw a sign that said something about the STS-119 Shuttle (that was the one that we saw launch). It turned out that part of the crew was there at the Smithsonian giving talks today. I was able to get a crew picture that they were handing out. I just thought that was funny coincidence.

Since we didn't have to hurry to get back, we went back thru the Art Museum. We managed to see several things that we missed the first time. We also got so totally lost in the huge building that we had to ask for directions to get back out to the hall from the display areas.

We are ready for a rest day tomorrow. We'll go to a church near the campground and go grocery shopping then we will just rest.

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