Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm Sunday services and Magnolia Plantation

We had a lovely Sunday. I found out that a large church in Charleston was having their Easter musical performance on Sunday morning. It so happened that the church was on the same road as our campground so it was easy to find. The church was HUGE. It had 5 large buildings .... most 3 stories tall. The sactuary was about 60 feet or more tall inside with huge brass chandeliers (glad I don't have to clean or change the light bulbs). They had 2 huge projection screens at the front and 2 camera so project the speakers and soloists on the screens. It was amazing. They did a program with music and narration called Raising The Crown. It was so good.

We moved on to a South Carolina state park on Sunday afternoon. We ended Sunday by watching the Jazz beat the New Orleans Hornets so it was a good day all the way around. We don't have wireless internet or cell phone reception at the state park so will have to do blogs & email when we go into town which is not far.
The campground is just up the road from the Magnolia Plantation, one of the most famous plantations in the Charleston area. We went on a tour of the today. It rained this morning but luckily cleared up in time for us to enjoy the beautiful gardens of the plantation.

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