Friday, April 17, 2009

In Nashville... safe and sound

Water falls, moss covered rocks in Great Smoky Mtn Ntl Park

Flowering dogwood trees and turkeys

We made it to Nashville fine today. We noticed that during one of our rides on the narrow, windy roads in Great Smoky Mtn Ntl Park we had heated up the brakes. Today we noticed that the brakes smelled hot again even tho there was no reason for it. So... we will stay an extra day or two in Nashville to get that checked out and get the oil changed in the truck... just to be safe.

While we were at the dumpsite emptying the holding tanks before we left the national park, we saw some turkeys evidently doing a turkey mating ritual. The male turky was following the female around with his tail feathers all spread out and the rest of his feathers all puffed up. It was neat. She didn't seem very impressed tho .... she just kept walking away from him. There was another male lurking around hoping that she turned the first guy down, I guess.

The drive across Tennessee was fabulous. The redbud trees (did I mention that those bloom purple... how does that make sense), dogwood and some other pink and purple blooming trees were mixed in with pine and hardwood trees with new spring growth. Very pretty. There were lots of rolling hills. It finally flattened out some toward Nashville.

I think that we will be in Nashville until Wednesday and then off to Virginia.

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Senja said...

It looks like you two are enjoying yourselves. Sounds like a fun trip.

What beautiful places and pictures! Enjoy!