Saturday, April 11, 2009

Folly Beach and Drayton House Plantation

Still hanging around Charleston. We went out to Folly Beach yesterday. It is a long beautiful beach but the parking is really a problem. There are these little parking lots with 6 or so spaces every 100 yards or so between the private homes then there was a path to the beach. We didn't even stop to eat seafood... shocking I know. It was very busy.

Today we went back out the Ashley River Scenic Highway to another plantation today. It was Drayton Hall plantation. It was built by the youngest son of the family that built Magnolia Plantation that we went to the other day. The important thing about this plantation was that the house was still original from 1738 and was one of the few left from before the Civil War. The house was being used by Dr John Drayton as a small pox hospital at the time that Sherman's troops went thru so it is supposed they didn't want to mess with the chance of getting sick. The house has never had electricity or plumbing added to it. It is simply amazing how good of condition that it is in after going thru multiple hurricanes, wars, and earthquakes.

Tommorrow I think that we will just go to an Easter service that they are planning here at the KOA. Then we will take care of various housekeeping type chores before leaving for Great Smoky Mountain National Park on Monday. I'm pretty sure that we will not have cellphone or internet again until we get to Nashville on Friday.

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