Monday, March 9, 2009

Perfect day

Donnie on the beach
Banana tree in the campground
Wow... I'm pretty sure that I may have died and be in heaven. Spent several hours on the beach just sitting in camp chairs, playing in the water, and reading. We really like Florida. The weather is beautiful, there are a lot of folks our age and livin' is easy.

I got the Kindle that work got me for a retirement gift. If you haven't heard of it, it's an electronic book system. They say that it's the size of a paperback but it's actually about the size of a letter size pad of paper and very light. You can download books, magazines or newspapers onto it. It doesn't have a "backlit" screen like a computer but actually looks like a piece of paper. It's great for the trip.

We found a lovely community church yesterday for church services. It was only about a mile from the campground. It was a lovely service. I think that they may be Presbeterian but I'm not sure. I had to kind of laugh. They were quite a large church but they had a similar laptop/projector set up to what we had at Alta Canyon. (They also had American and Christian flags !!)

We go to Kennedy Space Center tomorrow to pick up tickets for the launch and go on a tour. Hoping to see the shuttle on the launch pad.

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Dawn said...

You have the Kindle? That is soooo cool! What a perfect gift for you in general, but specifically, perfect for this trip.